Plazma water
• Promotes increased immunity.
• Normalizes all body processes dependent on zinc:
• Improves appearance.
• Improves sleep
• Regulates the work of the sebaceous glands.
• Promotes faster wound healing.
• Stimulates the production of essential hormones.
• It has a positive effect on the functioning of the thyroid gland and pancreas.
• Strengthens the skeletal system and teeth.
• Helps the absorption of vitamin A.
• Accelerates metabolism.
• Improves the functioning of the brain in particular and the nervous system in general.
• Helps the genitourinary system work.
• Activates the body's defenses.
• Strengthens the nervous system.
• Supports the woman's body during pregnancy.

Evening reception. 1 glass.
plasma ZnO (zinc)
Nanoplasma complex with a spectrum of zinc and oxygen
Сomposition: distilled water activated by zinc plasma
• Reduce premenstrual symptoms.
• Improves bone health.
• Absorbs calcium in the bones and plays a role in the activation of vitamin D in the kidneys.
• Diabetes management.
• Muscle and heart health.
• Reduces the risk of fat accumulation on the walls of the arteries.
• Reduces the risk of hypertension or high blood pressure.
• Prevents or relieves migraine headaches.
• Prevents osteoporosis, promotes dental health.
• Removal of anxiety, seizures.

The daily norm is 1-2 glasses.
plasma Mg
Nanoplasma complex with a spectrum of magnesium and oxygen
Сomposition: distilled water activated by Magnesium plasma
plasma Co2 (carbon)
Сomposition: distilled water activated by carbon plasma
• Restores energy-informational connections of the body, combining the carbon structures of molecules into a common information field.
• Strengthens the immune system, binds free radicals and heavy metal ions, bringing them into neutral, inactive forms.
• Normalizes the potentials of proteins, preventing them from reaching the isoelectric point.
• Restores damaged or lost genetic information.
• Contributes to the overall strengthening of the body's energy.
• Restores balance between anabolic and catabolic biochemical processes.
• Promotes regenerative processes in trauma.
• With prolonged exposure, a general rejuvenation of the body is observed.

Daily admission. 3-4 glasses a day.
Nanoplasma complex with a spectrum of carbon and oxygen
• Antivirus broad spectrum
• Detox
• Filling with energy
• The impact of the field of this complex enhances immunity, effectively blocks the magnetic fields of viruses, reducing their activity potential.
• Prevents the formation of free radicals.
• Restores the balance of trace elements in the body.

Daily admission. 3-4 glasses a day.
cup of life (soul plasma)
Сomposition: distilled water activated plasma
Broad spectrum nanoplasma complex
cup of life 2 (body plasma)
Сomposition: distilled water activated by copper plasma
• Effectively blocks bacteria, reducing their activity and ability to multiply, exhibits disinfecting properties.

• Promotes energy saturation of tissues: muscles, tendons, cartilage and lymph.

• Effectively binds ions and compounds of heavy metals, as well as many energetically active compounds - toxins.
Nanoplasma complex with a spectrum of copper and oxygen
• Binding and elimination of radionuclides from the body.
• Absorption of iron, prevents the violation of hemoglobin formation and inhibition of hematopoiesis.
• Improves the activity of the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, the formation of aneurysms in the walls of blood vessels, cardiopathy.
• Improves the condition of bone and connective tissue, prevents bone mineralization disorders, osteoporosis, spontaneous bone fractures.
• Reduces predisposition to bronchial asthma, allergic dermatoses.
• Prevents degeneration of the myelin sheaths of nerve cells.
• Reduces the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.
• Prevents hair pigmentation disorders, fights vitiligo.
• Delayed sexual development in girls, menstrual dysfunction, decreased sex drive in women, infertility.
• Reduces lipid metabolism disorders (atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes).
• Restores the functions of the immune system.
• Reducing the rate of aging of the body.

Daily admission. 2-3 glasses a day.

plasma CH3 (iron)
• Powerful energy drink
• Reduces the need for food
• Feeds all living things
• Detox
• The impact of the field of this nanocomplex is due to the conjugation of the fields of carbon and hydrogen. With the simultaneous action of these fields on the biochemical complexes of the body, the saturation of hydrogen potentials occurs, which leads to the facilitation of the course of energy-dependent biochemical reactions, due to the flow of field equivalents of hydrocarbons or carbohydrates into the body.
• Promotes fast and effective energy saturation of the whole organism as a whole

Morning and afternoon reception. 1 glass.
In case of illness, colds, ancology, do not use.
Сomposition: distilled water activated by iron plasma
Nanoplasma complex with a spectrum of carbon and hydrogen
Plazma Water
What will you get?
It is no secret that for a full life and favorable functioning of the body, a person needs a lot of energy.
The modern style of life now and then sucks all the vital juices out of us and all the functions of the body suffer from this.

There is an imbalance, both on the physical level and on the energy level.

Energy can be supplied for realization, but it will not be enough for health and vice versa.
Plazma Water
fills you with energy due to its powerful field nanostructure.

You will forget what fatigue is and begin to harmoniously realize yourself in all areas of your life.

Enough energy to solve problems and restore health.
Plasma water has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole.
You will get:
Healthy skin and hair
youthfulness of the whole body
slimness of the body
increased libido
Good mood
cure of chronic diseases
restoration of nerve cells
Strengthening immunity
restoration of the emotional system
cleansing the entire body of viruses and parasites
remove heavy metals
mental performance will increase
memory will improve
constant burst of energy
"When people discover the plasma state of the water molecule, they will forget about illness and think about how to preserve their youth for many years."

Nikola Tesla (1892)
"When people discover the plasma state of the water molecule, they will forget about illness and think about how to preserve their youth for many years."

Nikola Tesla (1892)
At the bottom of each bubble there is a shungite granule. It is impregnated with plasma nanomaterial (crystalline particles).
Shungite - due to its rough structure, attaches plasma particles to its surface. Now he can plasm water himself.
When the liquid plasma in the bottle runs out. You can add regular quality water there.
Thus, you now have more energy in your hands equal to a volume of 30 liters.
After an hour, you can use the plasma again. And so on up to 5 times without losing the intensity of the action.
Shungite is a powerful magic stone that has healing properties. It has a structure and composition that have no analogues in nature.
• Shungite rocks have excellent sorption, catalytic and bactericidal properties.
• Possesses electrical conductivity.
• Highlights negative IONS.
• The color of water decreases, microflora is almost completely removed.
• Disinfects any environment.
• The bactericidal properties of this material are unique. Infusions of water on shungite have a healing effect in the prevention of a significant number of diseases common in our time: allergic, respiratory, gynecological, muscle and articular, gastrointestinal, etc.
• Transforms into a plus pathogenic, negative radiation.
CO2 (life water) - 3-4 glasses a day
ZnO (relaxant) - 1 glass a day
CH3 (energetic) - 1 glass a day
CUP (antivirus) - 3-4 glasses a day
CUP2 (antibiotic) - 2-3 glasses a day
Mg (magnesium) - 1-2 glass a day
Alternate with mineral-free water. We help the body to flush out toxins, bacteria, viruses that have precipitated.
Speak Your Intention Before Drinking Water

Plazma water from Bali