Plazma water
Our body is a collection of millions of dynamic magnetic fields that come together and interact to form the plasma which we define as the human body. Amino acids, proteins, muscles, bones, skin, blood are all different strengths (magnetic and gravitational fields) of individual plasmas that combine to create a body.

Plasma is known as the first state of matter from energy, which working as an interface or bridge between matter and consciousness. These are free magnetic fields in motion. Plasma, or it is also called Gans, is a magnetic-gravitational capsule from these particular fields. It is a concentrate of energy trapped in a magnetic field. In fact it is a nano-sun or a nano-star. A clot of energy.

Approximately 80% of energy and substances for life the body receives through the plasma. Everything we eat contains plasma. All biochemistry is plasma chemistry.

Plasma is synthesized in salt reactors of various types where they arise in magnetic-gravitational fields. When the plasma accumulated in the liquid crystal comes into complete equilibrium with the surrounding atoms, it forms its own magnetosphere and closes in a capsule, which is physically expressed as the formation of a nanoparticle from energy.

Any water in contact with the plasma (Gans) becomes a plasma liquid. It takes over all the harmonious informational part, which is ideally combined with the plasma fields of the universe and living environment.

This powerful energy removes and transforms any negative field, impact, frequencies in a positive direction, structuring everything around (and matter) under the harmonious high vibrations of the universe.

What is plasma?