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Plazma water
Plasma Course - 21 days
Antivirus Water
Antibiotic Water
Life Water
Energy Drink Water
Relaxation Water
Magnesium Water

  • It is possible to refill the bottle of plasma with fresh none mineral or distilled water, up to 5 times without loosing its properties. We recommend such brands as Cleo and Amidis. – How it works.
  • Minimum 15 minutes intervals between taking different plasma.
  • This course is designed for 21 days followed by 25 days pause after.
  • Two full pipettes or four half pipettes per glass of water.

Energy Drink Water
2 full pipettes per 100+ ml of water.
(Avoid it in case you are diagnosed with oncology and during SARS symptoms, any viral and fungal diseases.)
Skip week 1 of taking Energy Drink Water plasma.

• Antivirus Water
• Antibiotic Water
• Life water
2 full pipettes per 100+ ml. water. 3-4 times during the day.
Week 1: Life Water.
Week 2: Antivirus Water and Antibiotic Water – each alternate day.

Evening, after sunset:
• Relaxation Water
• Magnesium Water
2 full pipettes per 100+ ml glass of water
Relaxation Water may have quite a sedative effect so if you feel very relaxed or even sleepy, its better to lie down and reboot your nervous system for 30-60 minutes.

Plasma may launch cleansing process in your body. It is rare but if you feel any symptoms like fever, then please make a pause in plasma consumption and wait until your body recovers (usually up to 3 days). Once your body is fully healed, you can re-start your plasma course.

In case of viral diseases we advise to alternate taking Antivirus Water and Antibiotic Water plasma every 30 minutes. Drink lots of liquids (preferably without minerals) or coconut water, water with PH +8 or hydrogen water.

Plasma can be used externally for burns, ulcers, wounds, rashes and other skin problems as a compress or spray.
For such purposes the best choices are Life water+Relaxation water.