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Plazma water
Plazma Water
New Generation Biohacking
Inevitably - to life happy fulfilled and abundant live we need a lot of vital energy.
Urban lifestyle in the reality of modern days is essentially depleting your life force. As a result this directly affects your health and vital bodily functions.

You find that there is simply not enough energy to live a happy, wholesome life.

Such depletion of life force creates a big gap between how much energy you have and how much you need to produce to sustain your lifestyle.
Plazma Water
is formulated to boost your energy levels due to its powerful nanostructure field.

You will get rid of continuous fatigue is and begin to harmoniously grow and expand in all areas of your life

You will get just enough energy to take control of practicalities and restore health.

Plasma water has huge beneficial effect on the entire body holistically 
You will get:
Healthy skin and hair
Healthy weight
Increased libido
Positive mindset and mood enhancement
Cure of chronic diseases
Rejuvenation  of nerve cells
Strengthening of immune system
Emotional balance
Cleansing the entire body of viruses and parasites
Removal of heavy metals
Increase in brain performance 
Strong memory
Burst of energy
"When people discover the plasma state of the water molecule, they will forget about illness and think about how to preserve their youth for many years."

Nikola Tesla (1892)
"When people discover the plasma state of the water molecule, they will forget about illness and think about how to preserve their youth for many years."

Nikola Tesla (1892)
At the bottom of each bottle there is a shungite granule.
Every shungite granule is treated with plasma nanomaterial (crystalline particles).

Due to its grainy structure of shungite it closely attaches plasma particles to its surface. Shungite charges water with plasma energy.
When the liquid plasma in the bottle runs out you can refill it with clean filtered water.
After one hour, you can use Plazma Water again.
You now have acquired the energy that equals to a volume of ~36 liters.
Shungite crystal in each bottle restructures water molecules to plasma state when refilling it with fresh water, up to 5 times.
Shungite stone
Shungite is a powerful mystical stone that has profound healing properties. Its’ structure and composition has no analogy in nature.
• Has excellent sorption, catalytic and antibacterial properties.
• Carries strong electrical conductivity ability
• Releases negative ions.
• Practically eradicates all microflora in the water due to unique antibacterial properties.
• Shungite-infused water has great healing effect. It prevents diseases related to allergies, respiratory tract, gynecology, muscles, articular and gastrointestinal functions.
Life Water - 3-4 glasses a day
Relaxant Water - 1-2 glasses a day
Energy Drink Water - 1-2 glass a day
Antivirus Water - 3-4 glasses a day
Antibiotic Water - 3-4 glasses a day
Magnesium Water - 1-2 glass a day
Alternate with mineral-free water. We help the body to flush out toxins, bacteria, viruses that have precipitated.
It is not a medicinal product.
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